May 17th, 2003

lapidary predacity (pic by Elynne)

"Matrix: Reloaded" revealed!

I went to see "The Matrix" tonight, just 24 hours after opening night. It's rare that I get to see a movie so early in its run -- and that I get to see a movie so eagerly anticipated by so many.

So, for those of you waiting for the lines to die down but unable to contain your curiosity about the movie, I've written an extremely thorough and inventive review and summary, which even points out some of the plot elements that I feel most reviewers missed -- and exposes the great hoax surrounding one of the most prevalent rumors about the movie.

Be forewarned that it contains juicy handfuls of spoilers. But maybe this is a good thing -- if you're not planning on seeing The Matrix, read through the whole article, and you'll easily be able to "fake" pop culture knowledge in your office conversations!

So, in summary, go read "Reloaded Revealed," and enjoy this unique look at a quite unique movie.

P.S. - If you appreciate the review, please point it out to your friends. Who knows, they might learn something, too. ];=8)

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