July 9th, 2003

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

A question for the mages in the audience

Some back-and-forth over at a friend's journal got me very curious about this. It's pretty self-explanatory, I hope, so I'll just cut to the chase:

Poll #154747 Past-life scatter

Of the (here-incarnate) people who you know in this life, how many of them are people you've encountered in a past life?

I don't believe in past lives.
I believe in (or am open to the possibility of) past lives, but I don't know how to explore them.
I honestly haven't found any. (Yet?)
A genuinely tiny number. One or two or five.
A small but recognizable fraction -- few enough so that it's still remarkable when a friend and I confirm that we've previously known each other.
A meaningful fraction scattered across my relationships close and distant, enough so that it doesn't surprise me if I suddenly learn a new friend is an old one.
Over half of the people I know closely, enough to make me think we travel or incarnate in clusters and drift back together.
The commanding majority of the people I know closely, and far too many of the people I meet at random.
Well-nigh everyone. I'm stuck in the spiral. Help!

Of the people who played memorable or significant roles in the past lives you've explored, how many of them have you met again here?

I said, I don't believe in past lives! Stop being spooky at me!
I'll let you know IF YOU SHOW ME HOW TO EXPLORE PAST LIVES (hint, hint!)
None. (Yet.) Maybe I made a clean break to come here.
A tiny handful -- I have no clue where the rest have gotten to.
A tiny handful -- too bloody many of them are incarnate elsewhere or disincarnate! :P
A small but recognizable fraction -- some links to ground me to who I am, but I'm largely exploring different paths in this lifetime.
A meaningful fraction -- maybe hints to the lessons I need to learn this time around, or what was left unresolved?
A majority -- I'm running in the same circles I used to, for sure.
The few that haven't yet are probably going to in the near future.
Trick question: If someone shows up again here in this lifetime, by definition they played a 'significant' role beforehand.

(Clarification: In the second question, "Met again here" refers only to people incarnate here on Earth. Not spirits or folks visited via astral travel. -B)

Statistics, of course, prove nothing, and this sort of non-rigorous statistic even less so; but I haven't talked to practically anyone about these sorts of demographics, and I'm curious to see even what a spot poll suggests. Discussion of the poll answers might prove equally interesting.

(Please refrain from talk in the comments questioning the validity of the whole past-life thing; it's a fair cop, but not what I'm looking for here. If you think such a discussion is necessary, start one in your own journal or forum and link to it in a comment. This post is a Woo-Woo Safety Zone, albeit an entirely public one.)
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