October 2nd, 2003

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

Forget "CSI" -- now we're in trouble

Today's Sluggy Freelance takes a gratuitous jab at furry fandom.

My only real reaction, personally, is this: I'm kind of surprised Pete Abrams needs to dig for the cheap laugh. He's better than that.

It doesn't get to me on any personal level that yet another Internet population has just been introduced to furry with the "spooky fat slobs" meme; we've already been dealing with it as long as there's been a fandom to mock and an Internet to mock it on. It's just getting tiresome. It's like seeing a man swish across the set of a sitcom and say something with a lisp and having the laugh track automatically cue up.

How long does it take before the same damn joke finally stops being funny? Drag out a three-year-old "all your base" reference and you won't be able to provoke anything beyond a roll of the eyes from half your audience -- yet the obsessed-furry-slob stereotype, which has been surfacing occasionally for at least a decade now, somehow gets a pass.
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