December 14th, 2003

lapidary predacity (pic by Elynne)

Stolen meme alert

(Yanked from vakkotaur ...)

Alright, friends: Reply to this post and tell me something about yourself. Something interesting.

Something so interesting it ... stretches the truth a little.

Okay, forget the "little." Tell me a whopper. Not just a fib, not just a lie, but a whopper.

Me? I'm pregnant with Rush Limbaugh's baby.
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barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

A word about the "Mary Sue" meme

psyche_rainvae's "Mary Sue test" has been circulating through my friends list recently. That's cool; it's amusing. Badly unbalanced, but amusing.

I just find it hard to take seriously when it informs me that, on the strength of being Otherkin, being a shapeshifter, and using Baxil everywhere online, that alone would knock me into the category reserved for the very cheesiest of cliche characters if I were to roleplay myself. (Those of you more interested in this train of thought can see the conversation on this topic between myself and the quiz author here.)

But as a role-playing character quiz -- ignoring the 'Kin components entirely -- it strikes me as quite reasonable and fairly insightful. And since I'm occasionally a meme whore, Collapse )