February 15th, 2004

classified outreach (pic by me)

Road trip

Many, many people on my friends list are posting about gay marriage in the last day or two, now that San Francisco officials are engaging in an act of civil disobedience and marrying gay couples by the hundreds.

But it was elynne's wish that she could be there passing out heart candy to the newlyweds, and her subsequent link to Authenti-city's very touching photo album, that spurred me into action.

Coworker kadyg and I are taking a road trip into the city Sunday (about a three-hour drive). In hand: Press pass, digital camera, perhaps a sign of support ... and several armloads of heart-shaped candy.

Update to come, probably on my site.

(Additional note: I was going to make a post almost exactly like this one, but I've been beaten to it by approximately several thousand people. Those sentiments incorporated herein by reference.)
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