February 19th, 2004

pacific torus vedic echoes

It's being written, no, really ...

I'm hopefully about halfway through my write-up of Sunday's big San Francisco City Hall visit. So much for immediate, fresh and topical; but if I'm going to limp through the final gate with a late entry, I'm at least going to write a lengthy, memorable travelogue, dammit.

kadyg, who's a little better at multitasking than I am (and who didn't have work this week, for that matter), finished her write-up of the day in a timely fashion. It doesn't have any of the pictures we took, but it's worthy reading.

In other news, I was pointed at 140204 on Tuesday. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to not one, but two people -- neither of which appear to be one of my current partners -- who left me anonymous (and touching) Valentine's Day messages.

Thank you, K. (because I suspect you're one of the two). Thank you also, anonymous person. I had a very nicely distracting V-day, but this week I've been feeling acutely isolated, and the messages came just in time to give me a meaningful boost.
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