March 16th, 2004

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

The name meme

A reasonably short list; in my decade online my handle has been preternaturally consistent:

  • If you know me as Tad, you're a family member, a coworker, the IRS, or flat-out cannot stand the idea of draconity.
  • If you know me as Dragonguy, you're Catboy. Or Nature Girl. To the Baxmobile, Robert! [n.b.: May someday scan in those cartoons. "Dragon Guy vs. Pog Man" wasn't too bad.]
  • If you know me as Longfellow ... wait a minute, half of those poems I never showed to anyone, and the other half were only ever published under a less embarrassing name. O#O;
  • If you know me as Ash, you're wrong. *whacks your head against the TTU disclaimer repeatedly*
  • If you know me as Mr. Pridus, you're basically wrong, and have either just read the name off of my credit card or online resume.
  • If you know me as Treeslayer, you ph33r my AWP. Or, equally likely, I ph33r yours.
  • If you know me as Chalupita, you probably got sold a secondhand name-engraved Harlequin Crest in Diablo II online play, paying far too much in trade for it to some gutless shade of a player-killer; and if you remember their name, could you please let me know? Karmic retribution has some work to do.
  • If you know me as Murotunikel, you're from the future. Could you save me a few minutes of typing and e-mail me my @desc and @cinfo? Kthx.
  • If you know me by my Name, you know my Name. *cue spooky music*
  • If you know me as Jennifer, you are so reading the wrong Livejournal.
  • If you know me as Bax, see below.
  • If you know me as Baxil ("bach-HEEL"), you're either a very careful reader or have met me in person.
  • If you know me as Baxil ("backs-ull"), you're ... uh ... just about anyone else.
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Nifty LJ tip of the day

If you use the Web client, you can assign an icon to custom moods by both selecting something other than "None, or other:" in the drop-down menu (this controls the icon); and typing something in the "Other" text-entry box (this controls the text).

This is extremely counter-intuitive, but it works. Took me over two years to learn.
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