May 6th, 2004

irrational alchemical obfuscation

The new Tomorrowlands is up and running!

If you're a regular, irregular or occasional reader of my website (and my real journal), please be aware that the Tomorrowlands main page has just undergone a significant overhaul to Movable Type -- and a significant redesign. (The rest of the site will follow as time permits. Consistency is a good thing.)

Please update your bookmarks: the old "splash screen/home.html" setup has disappeared. In its place, is all you need to type to hit the journal. (Nothing else on the site has moved.)

Comments on the new design are welcome!
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Addendum to previous post

Reminder: == teh site redesign. Go look.

Also! Since Movable Type has built-in XML/RSS/etc. support, this means I can make a new feed account and syndicate Tlands to Livejournal. Y'all will soon be able to read my journal right from your friends lists! Yay!

... The question is, does anyone here have XML experience, who'd be willing to talk me through some of the more arcane details? (I'm aware of the LJ FAQ on it; I'm aware it's a fairly simple process. What I'd like is some tips on how to tweak both XML and LJ to get it displaying the way I want, etc.)