August 29th, 2004

What's my line? (pic by Kinkyturtle)

Legislative haiku watch

Somehow, lawmakers
Seem much cooler when they show
Signs of wittiness:
A more lighthearted moment occurred when several (California) Assembly members saluted outgoing Assemblyman John Longville, D-San Bernardino, who often liked to present his bills in haiku form.
"What will we all do
when you're not here presenting
bills in haiku form?" said Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara.
Longville responded in kind:
"Thank you, all my friends
This was most unexpected
I will miss you all."
At least 25 lawmakers were spending their last day on the Assembly and Senate floors Friday because of term limits. [link]
epithet abrogation agent (FF Tactics)

Car update

Finally cracked the 200,000-mile barrier last weekend, after hauling it in to get the brakes replaced (only the second major repair I've had to make on this vehicle, and a whole lot less painful than the first -- rebuilding the transmission last October). Kady and I went out for a picnic lunch to celebrate, so I ended up rolling over the odometer in the middle of the high Sierra.

I think that probably broke the streak of accidents and mishaps. Which is good. This means I won't have to write about my car any more. I don't think writing about my car is particularly fascinating, frankly, and as a wise man once said, if you're boring yourself with your writing, who the heck else is going to enjoy it?
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