October 9th, 2004

What's my line? (pic by Kinkyturtle)

New best line of last night's debate

I've been chuckling over Bush's "Need some wood?" quip in response to Kerry's telling him he owned a timber business, personally, simply because Kerry's charge was actually verifiably true and if there's any funny bone in the collective press corps then the prez is going to get his ass fact-checked into an "invented the Internet" moment. But there's another debate Bushism I haven't seen the blogosphere point out yet.

Hat tip to kuangning, who caught a subtle but telling Freudian slip here:

Oh, and near the end?
BUSH: (...) The truth of that matter is, if you listen carefully, Saddam would still be in power if [Kerry] were the president of the United States, and the world would be a lot better off.
Emphasis mine, of course.
... Mr. President, I couldn't agree more.
(Double-checked against the official Associated Press transcript. He said it.)
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pronking sussuration (pic by waywind)

Why I don't like games like Monopoly

[World Monopoly Championship chief judge Phil Orbanes] said, "It's like real life: So much of your success depends on how well you get along with the other players and how good you are at persuading them to do something that's in your best interest but not theirs." [link]
People who glorify the zero-sum aspect of competitive games are frustrating enough. People who glorify the zero-sum aspect of competitive games because it reflects their life philosophy are just scary. Life is not a zero-sum game.
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