November 10th, 2004

distributed postmodern agitprop

Sleep deprivation case study #1109-b

Good day, o people inhabiting the land of "free time"! It is I, your humble expatriate, sending a missive home from deep in the wilds of Nanowritania. I have so far hacked through some 16,000 vines on my path to the Ancient Temple of Novel-Ra, and it looks like there's a way to go yet. Blast these ancient temples and their near-mythical middle-of-nowhereness.

Truth be told, my native guides have posed me a few questions on my journey. I'm a bit too busy fending off the Plotbeasts and Continuity Ravens to really sit down and give them much thought, but as it turns out, I have discoverifically discovered a tremendous new ... discovery ... which I am certain will revolutionize the world upon my safe return.

I refer to the awesome power of ... DISTRIBUTED RESEARCH! dun dun duuuuuun

But do not worry, oh scared and fearful citizens of the Internets, for I swear I shall use these mighty powers for grood. Or for awesome!

And you can help me in my endeavours, by answering one or more of these few simple queries ...:

(1) Here is a party game: A bunch of people sit in a circle with drinks. In turn, they each say some statement such as "I've never made love outside." All the innocent people for whom that is true do nothing. The people for whom it is false take a drink. (This may include the person saying the line!) What is this game called?

(2) Name, and give the ingredients for, a few simple mixed drinks that do not taste like ass when made with the cheapest available liquor of the appropriate type. For extra credit, name a cheap or cheapish beer you would not be embarrassed to drink at a party. My characters may be college students, but they have some self-respect. (n.b.: Story setting is Seattle, 1996. Microbrews or regional beers are OK but only if they wouldn't be anachronisms.)

(3) You are a lit-crit major planning an essay on how the semiotic frameworks of various TV pundits' stated religions contribute to the formation of their eschatological views following a culturally traumatic event. Whose works and/or theories would you cite in support of your thesis? And if "semiotic frameworks" is (as I expect) a non-optimal term for the concept I'm driving at, what phrase should I use instead?

(4) How long will it take for queenofstripes to jump all over (3)? ;-)

(5) Name one scene in the movie "Jerry Maguire" that is especially moving. Extra double bonus points if it has something to do with being true to yourself or tremendous self-sacrifice in support of your ideals.

(6) Name one book that you read for high school-level English that you actually enjoyed. Why?

Any and all answers will be used to improve the quality of my NaNoWriMo novel, the link to which I have very sneakily inserted right into this here Livejournal sometime this month!

I know that I was being sneaky because <3 people have found it so far. Wait. < or = to 2, I mean. While I do know a few heart-people, most of them try to stay inside their respective chests.
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