November 17th, 2004

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Catching up, and a NaNoWriMo note

I'm over halfway done! So I would just like to take this opportunity to come up for air from this novel writing business and say it's been good getting back in touch with johnstanton again. Reading some of the stuff johnstanton is posting is getting me all nostalgic about Seattle. It's especially meaningful because, except for johnstanton, I've lost track of all my friends from back there in college.

Maybe johnstanton will have more luck getting in touch with them than I've had. I don't have the time for it. Did I mention the giant time suck that is the novel that I've been secretly posting up somewhere to the Web? ;)

In other news, I think the smartest decision I've made this month has been to entrust the story to an unreliable, unpolished, and not particularly introspective narrator. This way, I can point to the parts where I've deliberately written like crap for effect, and imply that all of the *other* crappy-looking writing surrounding it is entirely intentional, and it will be a very plausible suggestion because everyone who's likely to read my novel already knows how well I can write when I'm trying for it. Sneaky is I!

As an illustration of this, consider: As of my current stopping point, the story starts with a narrator unused to writing who is fumbling around for words; it ends with a narrator who's only barely on the legible side of incoherent. But at least it makes sense given the background and the narrative. (And it gets better in the middle, I promise!) It may not be the sort of stuff one would expect to see collected into manuscript form, but it's been a pretty interesting experiment so far.
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Some forward thinking

After November dies down -- and I finish getting the administrative stuff worked out with Aeto -- I've been thinking of getting a wiki launched for The Tomorrowlands Universe. It just seems like the best way to ask and answer questions about specific setting elements, generate discussion, and allow people a place to easily link, comment on, and rate stories.

Anyone have experience with running a wiki? Any recommendations for software? My criteria are pretty simple: Ease of use and installation; and some sort of version control, where I (and hopefully a few other users, if it supports logins) can have administrative privileges, able to lock pages against trolls and roll back malicious changes. E-mailed notification of changes would be a nice perk but not at all necessary.

Current NaNoWriMo word count: 30,849
Current NaNoWriMo rank (based on word count): 1,411 out of 41,601
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