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December 9th, 2004

December 9th, 2004
05:08 am
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NaNoWriMo feedback request
Alright ... so NaNoWriMo's been over for a little more than a week. Hopefully, everyone who has wanted to do so has had a chance to go check out johnstanton (which, yes, is my writing, despite my earlier sneakiness).

So: I'd love to get some feedback from my readers. Think of it this way -- you get a bright, shiny chance to improve my writing, so that my next work comes out (better|good)!*

Here's how you can help ...Collapse )
* And, yes, there will be a next work. There's always next NaNoWriMo if necessary, but I also have some other ideas I'd like to get out on a more leisurely schedule allowing for better plotting and editing.

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