February 13th, 2005

epithet abrogation agent (FF Tactics)

Yes, actually, maybe some failure would be good

I don't know how many of you keep up with political blogs, but there's currently something of a to-do over the latest round of righty charges, including from the broadly-read and usually less inflammatory Instapundit, that the left is literally and consciously aiding the terrorists. This has brought up the usual set of associated talking points: the left hates America, the left wants the U.S. to fail ...

Which brings me to a piece I want to quote almost in its entirety. I ran across it about a week ago in the comments section of a Crooked Timber post, and I'm still struck by its eloquence. The usual lefty response to the "you want America to fail" charge is to say "do not," which is only appropriate, since the vast majority of liberals see America skidding into a quicksand of failure and want to stop the slide. But Tad Brennan (no relation) started from the premise of "actually, yes, I was hoping for a failure," and then laid out a plain, simple case for why that attitude was not only rational but morally defensible.

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