July 7th, 2005

elongate politburo messianic strife

A collection of memes

I. Future plans. Via dogemperor:

"I want everyone who reads this to tell me something they'd like to do with me someday. Then post this message in your LiveJournal to find out what I want to do with you."

(n.b.: Will try to respond to all those who post it in their own journals; but I've got a big reading list, so prod me if I seem to have overlooked you.)

II. Self-description. Via violetvixen and elynne:

"Come up with a one-word comment that you think best evokes how you think of yourself, and that isn't your name or your LJ name.

Just one word; no more."


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III. Idiosyncracies. Via deirdremoon:

"Write 5 of my own personal idiosyncrasies and then tag 5 people from my friends list to do the same in their journal and continue to spread the love.

id·i·o·syn·cra·sy Pronunciation Key
n. pl. id·i·o·syn·cra·sies
A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group."

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I like deirdremoon's tagging idea; rather than singling five of you out, I'm going to say that five of you who want to join the meme should stand up and pitch in.

So, there you go. Three memes all condensed into one convenient post. Feel free to respond to one or all. The first two require only a sentence or a word apiece, and I really am curious what plans you people might have for me in your conniving little heads.

P.S.: My sympathies to those of you in London. I hope you're alright, as well as everyone you know. Edit: london_070705 seems to be the LJ virtual check-in point if you haven't run across it already.
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Yes, but is our children learning?

So our office just received a promotional copy of a children's book by a local author: "The Pink Sneakers Caper."

It's brightly illustrated, contains a chocolate chip cookie recipe, and has a page at the end with discussion questions for your children. It's obvious this is meant to be a read-to-your-kids, show-them-the-pretty-pictures sort of book.

And there, it revs on all cylinders. The delightful footprint-camera inventions of Dr. Gus Zebirdski and the heroism of the riot-gear-equipped Cookie Theft Squad are sure to amuse and entertain kids of all ages. From the suspenseful discovery made by Officer Shorty Longfellow to the climactic pronouncement of Judge Baldwin O'Shellneck, the story develops into a classic morality tale of theft, redemption, and unexpected sleepwalking.

What I most found myself amused by, however, was the book's vocabulary.

Poll #528011 Ever-so-soft, ever-so-sweet chickity, chickity, chickity chocolate chip cookies! (tm)

Which word or words were NOT in "The Pink Sneakers Caper"?

"The Really Really Good Stuff Bakery"

(By the way. Parents, please remind your precious sons and daughters that no matter how angry they might get, it's still not appropriate to call the other kids "cognizant modulators" on the playground at school.)
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