July 17th, 2005

irrational alchemical obfuscation

Culture jam of the dead

I would never in my life have guessed that I would applaud a project that started out with the words, "You know those nerdy Cegep kids who run around on the mountain during Tam Tams fighting with duct tape weapons?" ... but what we have here is something that transcends any notion of mockery and leaps shambles slowly into the realm of pure art.

Zombies attack SCA group. Also tons of pictures, which you've got to see, but the first link puts them in their proper context.


(Via Kung Fu Monkey's archives -- apparently this made the rounds of the net last week, but I missed out on the first wave of links.

Also n.b.: "Tam Tams" refers to drum circles and the gathering and playing thereof. Courtesy Complications Ensue.)
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