July 19th, 2005

obscure mythologies (photograph)

Public service announcement

As this week has so far been an exceptionally busy one, and as it promises to continue that way (mostly due to one of the Journal's other paginators being on vacation), please be advised that

Baxil's birthday

-- which would normally occur upon the date of July 20 -- is being POSTPONED this year until his next day off,

Friday, July 22.

Accordingly, Baxil will remain 27 for an additional two days.

Please WITHHOLD birthday wishes until Friday, July 22. Birthday wishes offered on July 20 are EARLY, and will be graciously accepted but treated as such.

Birthdays will resume their normal schedule in 2006. Thank you.


n.b.: I'm quite serious about this. If people born on February 29 can vote and drive 18 years later, then "birthdays" are obviously a social construct and I reckon I'm allowed to shuffle my day around once in a while. I wouldn't normally take such an extreme step, but right now it's being rather A Week.
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