August 2nd, 2005

Saint Nigel

Playing catch-up

I haven't had a chance to post since my birthday (observed). So I think I ought to try to give some flavor of what the last week and a half have been like.

July 22.
For my birthday, I went out for a short hike, met alynna and Snowcoon for a swim, then went to the Grass Valley Farmer's Market with them and kadyg. It didn't feel like a long day at the time, but I got home and promptly passed out at 11 p.m., so it must have been busy.
I also got many nifty presents, including a pair of mosquito-repellent socks that I found out a week later worked as advertised.

July 23. Work. Let's just skip ahead, shall we.

24th and 25th: I had a laid-back weekend with nothing really planned, which was a nice change of pace. Did a little writing and spent time with Kady. Then back to work and suddenly we're at:

July 28.
Apparently it's my day to be a superhero.
Before even going in to work, I already had:
  1. Gotten up over four hours early.
  2. Gone to a doctor's appointment and had him not even charge me for the visit.
  3. Walked through a railroad tunnel. (xydexx would be proud.)

July 29.
Cleaned house in preparation for the semi-imminent arrival of a couch surfer, and packed for the Trip To Conquer Mount Lola [topo]. Woot! Spent the night remembering just how bright the stars really are.

July 30.
Today, I shotgunned Pixy Stix on top of a mountain.

July 31.
Got woken up by Rainmaker roaminrob's desire for a thunderstorm. Climbed a mountain out of spite and still got back to camp early enough to kick everyone else out of bed, which apparently is the Second Sign of the Apocalypse.

August 1.
WTF? It's August already? Hey, I liked July, except for the whole putting-ice-bottles-in-the-feeshtank thing. Now it's going to start getting colder again. Bleh.

Anyway, pictures of the Lola trip exist; I'll try to fling them at the Web sometime and see what sticks.

P.S.: I've unscreened the replies to the dartboard riddle. Go marvel at the collection of brainpower.
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