August 13th, 2005

obscure mythologies (photograph)

Practical riddle applications

You are on one side of a moderately wide river with a fox, a duck, a bag of grain, and a boat that is only big enough for you and one other item to cross the river at a time.

You want to cross the river with all three items. However, you know that if you leave the fox and the duck together unattended, the fox will eat the duck; and if you leave the duck and the grain together unattended, the duck will eat the grain.

How can you cross the river with all of your items intact?

For extra credit: Adapt and extend this riddle to describe my day today.
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This side up (by kevinpease)

Spotted in tomorrow's newspaper

(And yes, I mean tomorrow's newspaper: I'm proofreading the page right now.)
I know that technically, there's nothing wrong with these two paragraphs, but it just seems to me that the wording of the last sentence here could have been better chosen:
A free showing of “Super Size Me” will be held at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 23 at the Auburn Library, 350 Nevada St. It is presented by The Health Spine-Wellness Centers.
The film will be followed by a brief discussion on health and diet. Snacks will be provided.

Update - I cheerfully admit defeat. I have been outdone:

[21:47] kadyg: That's almost as good as "drinks will be provided" in the Breastfeeding Workshop notice that we keep running.
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