September 3rd, 2005

antetarsal chiaroscuro (pic by waywind)

Elsewhere on the Net ...

It's been a strange week. It's already Saturday morning and it still feels like Tuesday. I've been in at work for five days this week, and every single day has been the same damn news -- New Orleans flooded, lost, getting increasingly desperate, rescue efforts starting to crawl along. In a business where the big headlines leap on the page and off of it within a single 24-hour news cycle, where I'm used to having to refocus on new outrages and disasters every single day, to have such a slow-motion horror unfold has pretty much KO'ed my internal clock.

But! At least I've been fairly productive. As you might notice if you go look at my Web site ... now with 60% less smite!

There are still gaps in the content, and everything on the site that was driven by a script is going to have to be rewritten, since those were the worst casualty of the server crash ... but at least the site is up and limping now, rather than down and twitching. Plus, I re-uploaded some of the missing images from last year, put the fake California recall results (PDF) back online, and rewrote the lost content on the art page pointing to the most-irregularly-updated-webcomic-on-the-Internet, "My Afternoon: A Dramatization." (The full run of strips in its three years so far: 1, 2, 3. If I can get my desktop computer set back up after I move, I might even produce a comic for 2005!)

Also, I had an amusing experience this morning better suited for dot_irony_oops than here, so I thought I'd give the community some lovin'.

And now back to your regular Hurricane Baxil coverage. Forecast calls for a 99% chance of layout work, with a 60% chance of posting some quick links about Katrina, a 15% chance of venting at length later tonight and a 100% chance of trying to ignore the news completely all weekend.
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Oh fuck

Rehnquist dead.

I wish I could have even an ounce of optimism about what this is going to do to the Supreme Court.

But I can tell you already what's going to happen*. Bush will nominate someone so extreme he makes Pat Robertson look like a commie, then use the threat of nomination #2 as leverage to ram Roberts through as a "centrist."

Then he can retreat to someone merely as evil as Roberts after the inevitable filibuster, and point to Roberts' confirmation as precedent to get the Senate to punt nominee #3 through.

Result: A sickening wide-right judicial swing, ensuring that the negative consequences of the Bush presidency are going to be with us far beyond the Iraq war.

So ... yeah.



* I really, REALLY would love to be wrong about this. But I have yet to once overestimate Bush's unfailing determination to do whatever it takes to get his way, to reward his sycophants, and to promote his ideology (in roughly that order), no matter how badly it fucks over the nation he's supposed to lead. If this doesn't end up producing a court ready to overturn Roe and ram through 5-4 decisions even worse, I will very, very gladly link back to this post and eat crow.
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