October 1st, 2005

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Sneaking in some Internet time to squee about Serenity, the first movie in many moons I've managed to see -- and wanted to see -- on opening night. Yay!

And I won't even talk about things like how the ship develops sentience -- er, should I have spoiler-tagged that? Hahaha, just joking, of course. Of course.

Spoiler-free review

Serenity is a good movie.

[Image: from SerenityMovie.com] Many people who see it will tell you that it could have been better, but they're going to disagree on how. Joss Whedon had to split the difference between making it a movie for Firefly fans and making it a movie for series newbies, and he pulls it off -- not in a way that will leave anyone overjoyed, but in a way that should leave everyone satisfied.

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