October 13th, 2005

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As brief as possible of an update on my life

With my limited net access lately -- and focus on little teensy weensy things like the move and, well, all of the below -- I really haven't been able to type out proper updates on everything that's been going on with my life.

The short answer is: Everything. This is the year it all happens.

First and most importantly. As I explained the last time I summed up, kadyg and I are now engaged. It was a long post and it was a while ago, though, so it's worth saying again. This factors into my future plans, but I'm getting ahead of myself slightly. (I'm also debt-free, which factors into my future plans, but now I'm really getting ahead of myself.)

With that commitment having been penned in to the life calendar, the two of us promptly decided to go out and find a place to move into together. (This wasn't because we weren't already living together; it was because the place we were in was getting too expensive for comfort.) Voila: A month or two of my life sucked down the moving hole.

I've just about had time to catch my breath from that. So, now, naturally, it's time to fling myself off into some mad, whirlwind undertaking that will suck up my life entirely for a while.

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