October 16th, 2005

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Athens: Chemists, taverns, and the Lost Disneyland

Back at the Internet cafe. Typing is a little more comfortable for me, and a little more immediate, than writing out pages and pages of notes in my book; so I'm bouncing back and forth, and this post will substitute in large part for my Day 3 notes (day 1 was the flight over the Atlantic, day 2 was the flight to Greece and last night's misadventure).

It's worth the few euros I'm paying to get at least this little minimal connection with you all. The tourist effect is starting to kick in and right at the moment I'm feeling really lonely for a place where I know the customs and words instead of having to decipher them one by one. At home, I am told, Ocras is meowing pitifully because Bax is gone, and I'm feeling much the same right now. Minus the meowing. I still have the (probably paranoid and not fully justified, given that I have Greek blood and dress in a fairly European style) sense that I stick out as a tourist like a sore thumb, and slightly better that than to be a crazy meowing tourist.

Technical note: Since I only have Internet cafe access and it's really hard to find a Telnet/ssh client, I'm stuck with webmail probably for the duration of the trip. To get a message to me, please e-mail baxildragon at gmail. (.com) Can't guarantee I'll see all LJ comments due to not getting notification e-mails, won't have time to read anyone else's journal.

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