October 25th, 2005

distributed postmodern agitprop

Trip's over: Retrospective time!

I'm home, the grind has restarted, I'm sort of coping with the jet lag, and it's all over but the retrospective.

... What, you expected me to type up my notes for the entire Greece trip in less than 24 hours? Silly people. No, I don't mean the Greece trip. I mean ... BayCon 2005. A throwback to those halcyon spring days of May.

Yes! Retrospective! Glorious convention summary! And I know how reading these things can get if you weren't there to enjoy them in the first place, but trust me, this is worth it. It was one of my more memorable conventions in the decade I've been attending. If you don't believe me, Collapse ). Besides, I've been keeping this on my back burner for six months, so to have it get finished rather than fall off the stove, you know it's got to have been memorable.

So without further ado, I'd like to present ... (A Baxil Productions post; © 2005 Tomorrowlands.org; costumes by Louis Vuitton)


5. The Friend of Baycon reaction. Collapse )

4. Lighting up the dance floor. Collapse )

3. "Fifty-two!" Collapse )

2. Getting propositioned. Collapse )

1. The Fellini-porn pool. Collapse )

So anyway -- yes, it was an awesome convention.

Hopefully, Greece won't take quite so long to get around to documenting. ];=8) But with well over 400 pictures to sift through, 32+ pages of written notes, and nearly half the trip left to transfer from brainmeat to the written record, it promises to be quite a task.