October 26th, 2005

epithet abrogation agent (FF Tactics)

The travel excitement of others

And you guys think I have impressive travel stories.*

My folks went on to Rome without me after we parted ways in Greece -- I didn't have the vacation time to continue the trip, unfortunately. So how's it going for them? My sister just mentioned in her blog that the three of them basically stumbled straight into a police-student confrontation [registration required at link; use bugmenot] over university reforms. Then the showdown turned violent.

Sounds like they escaped injury; Sarah apparently got some footage of the events.

Meanwhile, back here in the midst of the grind, I'm fighting through a cold. I'm virtually certain I picked it up on the plane on my way home. The last two days here at work have been pretty miserable, although getting slowly better.

(Don't be fooled by the immense Baycon post. That was about 4/5 written already, and I merely had to tidy it up and copy and paste it. Other than that, I've been pretty much useless since getting back.)

* Alright -- this might or might not actually be true. It's intended as a rhetorical device to set up the post.
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