December 1st, 2005

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Silver lining, meet tiny little cloud

For several months now, kadyg and I have been leeching off of a neighbor's wireless connection for our home Internet needs. This has always been only a partial solution, especially since neither of my computers is set up for wireless theft*, but it's worked for those occasions when we needed to zip small files back and forth, take care of our bills via the Web, or double-check LJ late at night.

Alas, no more: The neighbors wised up earlier tonight and locked down their network. (Or maybe just turned it off. Hard to tell.)

What's funny about this is that, less than 36 hours ago, I discovered that DSL is available at our flat. The first thing we did when we moved up here was check on its availability, and SBC being the morons they are, DSL service was unavailable in our large suburb of Grass Valley less than a mile from a college campus. So for six months I've been dreading a move to either dial-up (not good with a home intranet) or cable (3x the cost). But on Tuesday I happened to ask about a Radio Shack promo cable-modem deal and the sales clerk, who didn't know the details of it, tried to sell me on DSL instead, and lo and behold, sometime in the last three months SBC has gotten their shit together.

So of all the times for this inconvenience to pop up ... like the car, I couldn't have planned it better.

I think it says something about my life these days that I'm even happy with the negatives that come my way.

* The desktop has no wireless card; the laptop's creates OS glitches. I'm a plugged-in Internet consumer.
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LJ hiccups

Am I the only one who is now getting e-mailed comment notifications only sporadically?

EDIT: Thank you all for the many great suggestions. (Readers wondering about similar problems, see comments.)
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