December 28th, 2005

cyborg mass transit

T-minus three days

In between an increased holiday workload and the upcoming wedding, I've been pretty bad about keeping up on the Internets. I'm sorry if I haven't popped up in your journal to leave your daily dose of cheer in the comments section; I've had enough trouble keeping this thing vaguely updated as it is. You should see the queue of posts I want to write. :P

Anyway, when I come up for air, I'm likely to simply skip over the vast majority of the reading backlog. So let me ask you this: Has anything interesting been said lately? Can you offer me a post to read when I do find a few minutes to catch up?

Maybe one you've made; or maybe one you've read on your friends list. Maybe something you'd like my input on (I can't promise responses, but anything you mention here will get priority over anything I stumble across later). Maybe just something you think will entertain me or educate me. Maybe an update on your life that will save you retyping it all out on the chance we happen to catch each other on IM. It's all good.

As for me, for the moment, I've got to go home and help Kady polish up the wedding vows before turning around and being back in the office in 10 hours. (I am given to understand those are good things to have completed before you head to the place-of-saying-"I do.")
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