December 31st, 2005

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T-minus 12 hours

Dammit. I'm sitting here typing in the dark the night before my wedding, trying to do a little bit of reminiscing, and the browser ate my post.

I was talking about how 2005 has been a very definitional year for me. A decade ago, in 1995, I turned 18 and went out to the wilderness for a month for an Outward Bound course. It was a powerful experience and quite a rite of passage. In much the same way, this year's events -- getting married being one of the big ones; but also the planning I'm doing for next year (sorry to be mysterious; I've been sort of a flake on sharing my 2006 ambitions), and getting out of debt -- are bringing me to a real crossroads, where the future is opening up in front of me.

I don't yet know what I want to do*, but I do know that I like the person I am and the things I've been working toward.

Wedding prep is going nicely. kadyg, blackfyr, lysana, necama, kevynjacobs, emmorium and I all had a lovely evening of socializing and dinner here. (roaminrob is drivng back from a trip and will join us in the morning.) On top of that, blackfyr helped me upgrade the OS on this computer, so my wireless card works again. Yay!

It's raining like a thing what creates lots of rain here, so it is looking highly likely that tomorrow we'll simply wimp out and go hold the ceremony at a nearby covered bridge. No wacky and romantic hike-out-into-the-snow deal. Ah well, such is life. We're not going to be foolhardy enough to try holding a wedding ceremony outdoors and away from any usable shelter while it is actively precipitating.

Since it's also New Year's Eve now, happy 2006! Aside from the wedding, another of my firsts this year was my first speeding ticket (about which I hoped, and still hope, to write a more lengthy entry). What happened to you this year, or what did you do this year, for the first time?


* Actually, that's not true. Even if this summer goes as planned, I will still have two 10-year goals left to accomplish, and I'm pretty confident that the two drives behind them -- writing and spirituality -- will be significant aspects of whatever new direction I choose.
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Wedding follies: Liveblogging the morning

T-minus two ??? hours ...

Our photographer, roaminrob, appears to be stuck at his home in North San Juan by a mudslide that's blocked off two of the only routes back to civilization. ("SR 49: IS CLOSED FROM 6.8 MI NORTH OF NEVADA CITY (NEVADA CO) TO 1.8 MI SOUTH OF CAMPTONVILLE (YUBA CO) - DUE TO MUD & ROCK SLIDES") He's trying road #3 of, literally, the only five routes to us that don't involve overland hiking. If that fails, #4 is through the high Sierra and is virtually guaranteed to be a waste of time. Barely past 11:00 and already the day is getting off to an auspicious start.

The day is all sorts of windy, and can't quite make up its mind as to whether it's going to get back to raining or not. Given that, we will (as expected) be abandoning the "let's go get married out in the woods with snowshoes" idea. Our backup plan it is: The covered bridge down at Bridgeport.

... Except that road #2 Rob tried was also the road down through Bridgeport, and it was washed out too.

On his side of the river, anyway. There's a possibility it might still be accessible from our end. kadyg and necama are taking a scouting run down to the bridge to see. I'm sitting here holding the fort, waiting for our other guests to arrive.

Except we'd talked about assembling at 11:00, it's now 11:20, and I haven't heard a word from any of the other folk yet.

Perhaps surprisingly, none of this is bugging me. I know better; I've worked conventions for too many years. No matter how well you plan, no matter how many contingencies you make, no matter how much leeway you give yourself ... when the rubber hits the road, there is always going to be some sort of crisis. As they say, no battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.

A nice, romantic getaway into the snow would have made for a sappy story for the grandkids*, but this way, I suspect we at least get a good bon mot or three out of it. And we'll be laughing right along, too, if everyone else can keep their heads together.

11:35 - The officiants check in by phone. Just getting a little late start to the day. No worries; they're not the only ones.

11:45 - Kevyn shows up here at the flat, expecting to be the last man in. Little does he know.

11:50 - Rob calls in on his cell phone, in town and about five minutes away. The Malakoff Diggins road, he says was "impassable to any car except mine." Sounds like there's going to be a story there to write up on his LJ so I can link to it later (hint, hint). So our guest list is full again. Now we just have to wait for the scouting report, and for everyone to arrive.

Noon - Kady and Brian return. The road to Bridgeport is clear ... although the place is full of gawkers. It has been decided that Kevyn and Brian, who are both big guys, will have to be the wedding bouncers.

In other words, things are back on track.

12:30 - Camera, why aren't you wor-- A bunch of folks waiting around at the house; Rob taking his brother to work; Kady and I getting dressed. "Hey, Bax, you should add a picture to the liveblog." "Of what?" "Anything." I grab the camera and press the shutter trigger. Nothing. I turn the camera toward myself. "Camera, why are you not work --" *FLASH* "--ing?"

1:00 - And we're off! About an hour late, but we deliberately got everyone over here an hour early, so we're basically exactly on time. Kady is bridal now (don't ask me; I have no idea, that's what she asked me to write). Wish us luck.

3:45 - My new wife and I, and our wedding party, went down to the river under heavy cloud cover. Got married. Sun dutifully broke through clouds 15 minutes later, and the day ever since has been gorgeous.

Opinion seems divided whether it was meant ironically ("ha! I withheld the sun until you were finished!") or whether it was meant as a portent of happiness for our new married life. I think I'm in the latter camp; the ceremony itself was short, meaningful, and a little intimidating (out of a sense of newness, but that's about all). Spirits lightened after we were finished and we could relax and simply wander around the area and all be happy.

Now that all the suspense is over with, see next post.


* Well, anyway, the grandneeblings**. Kady's brother Caleb has a boy already, and someday he will grow up and quite probably have kids of his own.

** "Neebling" = "niece or nephew." Just as "sibling" = "brother or sister."
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That's *Mr.* Baxil to you

lysana beat us all on the wedding updates when she weighed in by phone post here from down at the river. My new wife sums up here.

And this just about sums it all up:
Just married

(More wedding pics to come as we actually get them organized and -- in some cases -- developed.)

We're not done yet, not by a long shot. A few hours of down time, and then we'll all retire to a celebratory dinner over at the Five Mile House restaurant. Then back to the flat for a good ol' fashioned New Year's Eve party with happy wedding overtones.

And then, in February, we do it all over again. This was simply the small, private we're-doing-it-for-us day; the wedding reception and renewal of vows will be in late February. Details to follow later on the Bax-and-Kady-are-married-party; we'll have to take a week or two to get our feet back underneath us.

In case you have to make any reservations or travel arrangements, it will be Sunday, Feb. 26, here in beautiful Gass Valley/Nevada City, CA.
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