January 11th, 2006

pronking sussuration (pic by waywind)

The paradox uncoiled

Oops! I was going back through old posts to get them properly tagged tonight, and realized that I never bothered to unscreen peoples' answers to the Paradox Dragon riddle. If you were wondering about the answer at the time, feel free to go back and give it a read.
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Tag, I'm it

I seem to be at my most productive when I'm doing something reasonably important or useful at the expense of something even more critical. This is a frustrating but apparently inescapable quirk of Baxilian existence.

Sometimes, it works out in my favor. I had a to-do list as long as my arm tonight; basically none of it got done, but I still have my written list to organize my task backlog, and in the meantime, I went through my whole damn LJ and added tags to four and a half years' worth of posts, conveniently categorizing them for the benefit of friends old and new who want to skim back through my journal.

I also re-read four and a half years' worth of my life all at once. It was pretty intense. I could feel the memories whispering back into my ears, pulling me back into the highs and lows. I ought to do that more often; I've led a richer life (and documented it better) than I think I often give myself credit for.

If you've got some time to kill and want to read (or re-read) more about (or from) me, feel free to check out the categories for whatever catches your particular fancy -- I've talked about draconity more often than I give myself credit for, as well as magic (though most of those posts are behind filter walls). If you like my (mostly TTU) fiction, or the discussion thereof that often contains handy authorial tips, I've sifted out a writing category; if you like my non-fiction or my random wordage, Best_of_Baxil collects (or links to) the pithiest/funniest standalone material.

If you're an old friend looking to catch up on half a decade's worth of major changes in my life, Misc_big_life_events hits the highlights -- although my more recent trip to Greece and my wedding to kadyg get categories of their own. My meme posts are also unusually full of cool facts about me -- not a single "test result," just answered questions and tidbits and such; I'm very picky about my sheepage! Of course, there's much more beyond this (riddles, cooking misadventures, and years of horrible puns among them), so dig through if you wish.
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