January 15th, 2006

odd baud skins (pic by Waywind)

Marriage Watch: And now the reading of the minds will commence.

I normally stay far, far away from soda. I don't need the caffeine addiction, I don't like the carbonation, and I could probably do without the tooth rot. But, like any drug, there are times when it comes in genuinely useful, and once in a while I will drink a soda specifically for the caffeine jolt. (Since I don't normally touch it in any form, a single soda's worth will actually have the desired effects on me.)

Friday afternoon, running short on sleep and long on work, I trundled upstairs to the vending machine and bought a can. This was noteworthy enough that I IM'ed dear wife kadyg at work to comment on it. And thus Teh Spooky began:

[14:27] me: mmm, tasty tasty caffeine.
[14:28] kady: What are you drinking? I'm having a diet Dr. Pepper.
[14:31] me: Me too, oddly enough.
[14:31] me: I needed the boost and it was the least objectionable drink in the vending machine.
[14:31] kady: Awww, we're soda twins.
[14:32] me: I just find it funny that the one time this year I'm drinking soda pop you happen to be independently having one too. We'll have to start completing each others' sentences.
[14:37] kady: And this is the first bottle of pop I've bought in months.

In Kady's words, "Yep, we are just too fucking cute. :-P"
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