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April 23rd, 2006

April 23rd, 2006
01:43 am
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Snow clinic: Day 1 photos
Day 1 - Looking back
Snow camping pics!

I'll be posting these in batches along with each day's write-up. Below the fold is a selection of thumbnails/links of Day 1 photos from the snow camping photo gallery. (There are even more of them there, so make with the clicky.)

As a special bonus, included in this post is a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe from the ridge above our base camp. (The gallery has much larger versions if you're interested in downloading one as wallpaper or such.)

Snow ahoyCollapse )

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03:05 pm
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Another band I'll have to someday start
kadyg and I were joking around at the ice cream parlor last night about lutefisk (LOO-tə-fisk) -- its possible utility as a baby food due to its jelly-like texture and protein content; its contraindications as a baby food due to the fact that, oh, it's made with lye; and what this might do to the baby's digestive system.

So now we need to name a band the Lutefisk Diapers.

Their debut album can be titled "Look What Just Came Out." I suggested an album cover of plain crinkly white with a waistband barely visible at the top and a biohazard symbol prominently in the middle.

Perhaps they can start out as an eclectic cover band. If so, may I modestly suggest starting with bands such as Mannheim Steamroller and Sweet Lizard Illtet to bring to life a postironic retro-technopunk aesthetic? Plus, who could fail to appreciate such catchy song titles as "Toota Lute(fisk)" and "Throw Your (Lute)fisk In The Air"?

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