April 25th, 2006

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A few loose ends

  • roaminrob's conversation on evolution with Socrates is good. Really, really good. Actually, his entire journal's been on fire lately. (Metaphorically speaking. His journal is not, in fact, in the process of combustion. Although that would also be cool to see.)

  • Top 1/2 of 1 percent?!? WTF? Whee, now I get to hit the trail all self-conscious. ;-p

  • T-minus two days. But I'll be leaving in a few hours for Southern California ... so, really, this and posting a quick wrap-up of the snow camping trip are the last LJ contact I'll have for a while. (Don't let that stop you from leaving comments -- there will be internet cafes, and kadyg can pass on messages for me ...) I'll miss you all. I really wish I had a few more days to get everything in order and type up more pre-trip thoughts. As it is, I'm barely able to escape the whirlwind of packing and cleaning. At least I'll be able to leave my room the cleanest it's been since we moved in.
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Redtail - in flight

PCT prep trip - Snow camping clinic, Days 3 and 4

(Two weeks ago, I took a four-day group hiking trip to test out my gear and learn snow camping strategies prior to hitting the Pacific Crest Trail. The notes below are transcribed from my paper wilderness journal.

Apologies for the more fragmentary nature of these days' writings, but I'm running out of posting time before the real adventure starts. -B)

Sunday, 4/9/06 - Desolation Wilderness, near Tamarack Lake

Starting dinner at 4:15. Snow has been falling all day today and most of the afternoon it's been sideways. ~2:00 return to camp and everyone ducked into their tents.

So. A lot of snow. That would be today's theme. Snow. And the falling thereof. Onto us.

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Also, the last of the snow camping photos are up. Enjoy.