May 23rd, 2006

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Trail Journal: Days 1-3, by the numbers

I have a buch of pictures to load, but Scrapbook is being cranky. In the meantime, here's some trail notes. There's more coming. I'm still typing.

- Kady

Day 1, Thurs 4/27
R is for rain. (50 degrees at 11:00 am!)
Mileage: 15.9
Campsite: Hauser creek
Morale: 3 (Shin splints, blisters, Hauser Creek traverse kicked our asses - but nearly 16 miles!)

Day 2, Fri 4/28
F is for Finally Friday, free food.
Mileage: 20.6 [Today: 4.7]
Campsite: Lake Morena campground
Morale: 7 (Made the party! got some info, socialized, cautiously optimistic...legs hurt.)

Day 3, Sat 4/29
S is for Shrek, Shaggy Sticks, Star, Stump and the other thru-hikers at site 81.
Mileage: 20.6 [Zero day #1]
Campsite: Lake Morena campground
Morale: 8 -->3 (Lovely day at ADZPCTKO, marred by endless packing and the fights thereof.)
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PCT Day 4

Day 4, 4/30
R is for Roy, Rob and rivers (w/ waterfall and crossings)
Mileage: ~29 [Today: 8.4]
Kitchen Canyon river
Morale: 2->9 (Kady's goodbyes #1 and 2, new shoes, packing, meet Rob and hike half day to glorious camp!)
- Pen sucks; shall try to update tomorrow.
- Awesome campsite. Night fauna: Frogs, bats, ants (regular and GIANT), an inquisitive millipede. Ants seem to be leaving me alone. *crosses fingers*
- elevation ~3700 ft. 70 degrees at sunset and now near 10:00 pm and 56 degrees. Very comfortable, especially compared to lakeside.

The first "real" day of hiking -- out of ADZPCTKO and on my own -- was a nice morale boost. After the grueling hiking with Kady, it was largely level -- though hot.

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PCT Day 5

Day 5, Monday 5/1
Mileage: ~ 45 [today: 16 and town]
Morale: 6 [Made first resupply stop.... many more to go. Feet hurt but shin splints apparently cleared up. Settling into pace.]
S is for snakes, supplies, sunshine, *Speshul 41, *Starman, Sam the water cache guy.
Blister cumulative total: 3

Since I have pulled out my journal at lunch instead of at night, and thus my brain is still functioning, let me try to channel Bill Bryson (A Walk In The Woods author) for a moment as I talk about chance hiking companion #1: Rob.

Rob is a man of middling height and, as with so many other thru-hikers, is approximately 30. He is one of the thru-hikers (like myself) that looks like a lost Marine in a goofy hat, having shaved off his hair in preparation for the desert. On the other hand, to prepare for the desert he bought a hammock. He's actually gotten to use it, is the strange part.

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hiking - fancy dinner

Between transcribing.....

Getting Bax to BayCon seems to have been pretty much taken care of (Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Werges!) However, getting him BACK to the trail may still be fluid. If it turns out that he needs a ride and you're heading toward the LA-San Bernadino area and don't mind the company, swing by the Jackal Lair (newsletter office) and we'll get everything set up.

Giving him a ride back will be better than doing the pick-up because Bax will be clean. Right now he is very much not.

- Kady (aka, lovely wife and semi-pro typist)
barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)

Voice Post: THGTTPCT: Deep Creek Hot Springs

325K 1:31
“[Spoken throughout in a cheesy British accent. Should really be listened to for the full effect.]

The Thru-Hiker's Guide to the PCT has this to say on the subject of Deep Creek Hot Springs:

"Hot springs and cold creek."

This is a understatement, much like calling Earth "Mostly harmless," in that both fail to mention a rare amoeba in the hot springs' water that has killed some swimmers with meningoencephalitis. Despite this, and despite its remote location, hikers and others still flock to its warm, soothing waters. The hot springs, that is, not Earth.

Though the official PCT book puts its warning in bold print, not one hiker was observed to skip their chance for a soak. And although the Deep Creek Hot Springs are five miles from anywhere not the Deep Creek Hot Springs, that didn't stop half a dozen non-hikers from joining in the festivities. It didn't even stop the guy whose first and last words to me were both [California stoner accent] "Have you got any shrooms?"

The Thru-Hiker's Guide to the PCT also fails to mention a piece of trail lore discussed well in advance of the actual visit: The Hot Springs are a locally well-known nude bathing spot. Thru-hikers being either a modest or cowardly lot, however, bathing suits and underwear were much in fashion.

Photographic evidence was, however, obtained of the buttocks of one birthday-suited chap, an older man of athletic build and uncut willie.

From this we must conclude that the population of Deep Creek Hot Springs is also, sadly, Mostly Harmless.”

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