July 17th, 2006

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Where do we go from here?

My immediate plans for the hike are pretty clear: Starting Monday, I'm walking the 40 miles from Truckee to Sierra City -- the PCT stretch nearest our house -- with kadyg. After that, though, I still haven't decided where my next trail destination should be.

The original dilemma was that returning to the trail in the same place as I left would involve passes and river crossings that I would prefer to tackle in the company of fellow thru-hikers -- but, by the time I was able to return, they would have all moved on further north. This, broadly, remains true ... but doesn't address the underlying question, which is: So where should I go in order to keep up the momentum of my PCT hike?

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With all that having been said, I'd appreciate some feedback -- especially if you've got other factors that I haven't considered to point out. I'm offering the poll as a shortcut, but what I'd really like is comments with more detailed suggestions (or even questions; the point is to help me sharpen my decision, and that can help too). If you don't have a Livejournal account and it doesn't offer you the option to vote, please just let me know your suggestions in comments. (I'll obviously be off hiking for the next day or two, but will finish resolving this when Kady and I get home -- I'm not taking off again until I know where I'm taking off to!)

Poll #771540 Redtail's next destination

Considering the advantages and disadvantages listed above, what part of the PCT should Redtail hike next?

Return to the High Sierra to continue your straight-line hike.
Start walking south from your house and cover the Sierra in reverse.
Start walking north from your house and try to rejoin the main hiker pack.
Head to the Oregon border and walk OR/WA northbound.
Head to the Washington border and walk WA northbound.
Head to the Canadian border and "bookend" the trail (walk toward the middle from both ways).
Other (explain in comments).

I am able to provide logistical support (companionship, overnight stay, a ride to the trail, etc) if you take my suggestion [please elaborate in comments or otherwise contact me about this]:

Only on certain dates.
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