August 26th, 2006

tank warning label

Behind-the-scenes changes

I've been pretty busy with spiffy new content over the last few days, but it's mostly been invisible so far in your-LJ-friends-page land. Among my accomplishments:
  • New icon goodness! kadyg and I saw that sign at a local store and knew it would be perfect decoration for our tank. I used my new GIMP installation as an excuse to share it here.
  • Speaking of f15h ... remember that whole deal with the three new guppy fry? Not only have they survived, but an entire second litter showed up a day or two after I posted, and they all seem to be thriving. Our guppy population is now +3 from the junior high schoolers, and +6 from the kindergartners, making me think that one of the gups must have a Ring of Fish Breeding +12.
  • There's new pictures of the fry, along with our cats and (finally) some lovely shots of Boing the plecostomus, in my new pets photo gallery.
  • And ...!
    Baxil Standard Time has returned! In expanded, clarified, and more organized form! It's all awesome now and if you haven't yet been exposed to the timekeeping goodness that is BST, go take a look and wonder how you ever lived without it.
About that. I was vanity Googling a little while ago, and noticed mrudat saying that I had pulled BST from the web [search for "Baxil" on the page]. This was as much a surprise to me as it was to him. I had no intention of letting it disappear -- it just got lost in the shuffle when I had to expedite the move from ECIS to Tomorrowlands years ago. I probably would have continued to not notice if I hadn't stumbled on someone else who remembered and missed it.

The moral of the story: If there's something you liked about my web site that you can't find any more, tell me about it! Chances are I had no intention of removing it from public access, and I'd be happy to oblige any update requests for my site.

n.b.: My journal.cgi script's breakage is, unfortunately, known and requires a difficult workaround -- it had dependencies on a few outside files that only ever lived on the server, and so vanished completely (and probably irrevocably) in the Great Server Crash of '05. At this point, retooling all of the links is probably simpler than fixing the script. I'm also hoping to copy all my old journal entries to LJ, backdated appropriately, which would solve the linking problem.

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