August 28th, 2006

No spin here

AMAQ: Responses 1 (photo edition)

Thank you all for your responses to my freshly revived Ask Me A Question poll. I've gotten 13 questions so far, and will keep answering them until I run out. If you haven't had a chance yet, feel free to pitch me a question at the original post!

I'm going to do a little cherry-picking for my first replies, because that will allow me to group them thematically. Today's answers:

The 3,000 Words* (And 16 Colors) Edition!
* Technically 3,271.

To start us off, ounceofreason says, "What's the deal with the 'stache? It totally screams 'gay biker.'"

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chipuni says, "One of your interests is 'tilting at windmills.' At what windmills have you been tilting, recently?"

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soreth says, "So, why haven't you ... beaten the Great and Illegible Literature puzzle yet? ;)"

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A responder says, "How many attacks of the Mold Monster from the Fridge have you suffered since you made your documentary?"

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