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September 3rd, 2006

September 3rd, 2006
03:36 am
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F15htank QOTD
I'll kick this short entry off with a relevant AMAQ question --

aknitwit asks, "Why do you spell 'fish' that way (f15h)? It looks like a password..."

Short answer: L33tspeak.Collapse )

At any rate. kadyg and I were talking tonight, the conversation turned to fish, and on the prettiness of our p1ecostomus:

B: Well, some people would say plecos are ugly.
K: Boing's very pretty.
B: I think so too. But some people would disagree. Let's face it, plecos are shaped like ... like mandolins.
K: *giggles* Okay. If we ever get another pleco, I think we have to name it "Mandolin" now.
B: No ... we'd have to name it *dramatic pause!*Collapse )

Current Location: Feeding Boing at the f15htank
Current Mood: amusedfishy
Current Music: "FF7 RedXIIIRedux" OC Remix
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