September 19th, 2006

cyborg mass transit

Actual Tlands updates!

Sorry about my recent silence. Non-work time, when I've been in a productive mode, has been going straight to my website rather than journal entries. Which is a good and necessary thing, really, but does leave a lot of questions hanging. (Finishing AMAQ and explaining my last post are at the top of my priority list starting tomorrow.)

The upshot? Thrashing through my site convinced me to just suck it up and rewrite the lost scripts that served as the back end for all of the things that broke in the Great Server Crash of 2005. So ... a little work later, and the journal script works again! It points to things again! No more ubiquitous broken links! Yay!

That was the easy one; to get the other scripts working again, I have to rebuild (in no particular order) my cookie handlers, logging scripts, template substitution, and possibly more. Eh well. I've started.

Incidentally, forgive the banner ad. It's something I made for my site years ago because I liked the idea. I never gave it much exposure. I'm sharing it here because you might find it as amusing as I still do.

Edited to add: Arrrrrrrrr.
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