October 1st, 2006

classified outreach (pic by me)

How'd my night go, you ask?

Ciriluin stared intently at the empty circle in front of him as he finished gathering and shaping energies. He tried to ignore his heart's pounding. The summoning rituals were finally starting to gain a flavor of familiarity, but not so much that he felt comfortable giving them less than his full concentration.

Especially today. Although his first summon ritual had been a few weeks ago, today's lesson was a definite step up from the tiny stuff he'd been meddling with.

After the last words had been spoken and the last layers of energy put into place, he risked a glance at his teacher. Mahvek was standing off to the side trying to look disinterested, but his eyes were quite uncharacteristically glued to the circle. Ciriluin apparently wasn't the only nervous one. And he didn't like the implications of that. Nobody had said anything about summoning being dangerous. But why else would Mahvek be keeping such close watch?

Before he had time to follow up that thought, the air shimmered. A form was starting to appear.

And he quickly realized something was terribly, deeply wrong.

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