October 13th, 2006

chibi zen blessings (pic by Ironychan)

Quick notes from the newspaper

Two random notes on upcoming movie awesome, seeing as how I'm temporarily working in a newspaper office again and hence keep abreast of such things via newsroom osmosis:
  • Soon-to-open "The Prestige" will include a bit part for inventor Nikolai Tesla. Cast as Tesla will be ... David Bowie.

    As I remarked to kadyg, Bowie-as-brilliant-crackpot-scientist is a match that has as much potential for awesome as Bowie-as-tyrant-king-of-magic-dance-world.

  • Also, they're making a movie out of -- and I swear to the gods that I am not making this up -- Edwin Abbott's Flatland. The very mathematical novel about the two-dimensional world invaded by a three-dimensional sphere. omfg.

    The mathematician in me is jumping up and down in giddy anticipation; the pragmatist in me is wincing at the inevitable mangling it will receive; the art critic in me is observing how incongruously South Park-esque the animation in the preview is (but approving of the music); and the random trivia collector is vowing to remember that Martin Sheen is the lead actor so that someday we can assign squares and triangles a Bacon number.

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