November 21st, 2006

odd baud skins (pic by Waywind)

Also, speaking of magic and cards ...

So ... back in the real world:
Second-round laydown
Second-round laydown
Hearts game 11/18/2006.

kadyg, roaminrob, table_lamp and I were playing Hearts the other night. In among all of the fun we were having, something quite extraordinary happened: I shot the moon (claimed every single point) after just four cards had been played.

What makes it a genuine oddity -- or at least stretches the brain's pattern recognition in bizarre ways -- is that I picked up my hand to discover most of the cards you see in the picture ... plus three sevens.

I passed kadyg the three sevens. You remember what 7-7-7 means in Vegas, yes?

That's right: I promptly hit the jackpot, as her pass to me filled in the hand's only non-club gaps.

... Little moments like this are what renew my faith in the power of Story to shape reality.

* Observant readers may notice the absence of the Two of Clubs in the current (first) trick. This is due to the format of Table Lamp Hearts. The lamp happened to be holding the 2C, and since it plays randomly, when its first play was a different club we just went with that.

** Okay, so maybe this post was just an excuse to pretend our table lamp has an LJ name. So what of it? ;-)***

*** Edit, 11/21: Giving the lamp an actual journal wasn't my idea. But I approve. -B