December 6th, 2006

pacific torus vedic echoes

Full moon ritual

Candle candle
Lesson one: This is what happens when you take two identical candles, light them less than 30 seconds apart and extinguish them together. Assuming, of course, that in the meantime you have dedicated one to the God and one to the Goddess, and let them burn for a ritual with 10 women and one lone male.

Tonight was a Gemini moon -- a tidbit I didn't know until I arrived at the full moon ritual downstairs, given my remarkable indifference to astrological trivia. The upshot is that it's a good time for things associated with the element of Air, most notably travel, communication, and abundance. The ritual was meant to focus our collective energies on these things and draw what we needed closer to us this month.

It wasn't meant to blow me out like a cheap fuse, but I got to appreciate a little bit of that as well.

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