January 18th, 2007

Burn baby burn (pic by Waywind)


So, our cat decided to celebrate Appreciate a Dragon Day by ... politely waiting until after midnight to freak out and savagely bite my arm.

I've had cat bites before, but this one was a lot worse than I'm used to. At least one fang left a gap the width of a pencil eraser and tore down into muscle. I tried to tough it out by cleaning the area and irrigating the wound*, but after a night of bleeding and a day of increasing pain and restricted range of motion, I went to the hospital.

The doctor wasn't at all helpful, but I did at least get a prescription for antibiotics. (If the bite made it that far down, I'm not taking any chances.) And after spending probably about $200 on medical care, I was relieved to see that our friendly local drugstore had a special deal on the drugs I needed: Buy ten boxes of macaroni and cheese for $105, get the cefuroxime free.

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* "Irrigating" a wound is the technical term for taking a syringe, filling it with water, aligning the syringe with the puncture, and OW OW OH MY GOD OW HOLY SHIT THAT FUCKING SON OF A COCKSMOKING OW PAIN. It is important because sometimes you can wash bacteria out this way. Or else you can shoot jets of water at your bodymeats until they bleed, and the blood washes out bacteria too.