January 30th, 2007

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Sunday's lesson: No matter how brilliant his posts are, don't read David Neiwert while up too late and about to drop into four hours' sleep. His recent post on anti-Asian eliminationism in 19th and 20th-century America took over my brain and metastasized.

Sunday night's dream followed a quiet, middle-class black couple as they endured the incredible indignities of a merciless white world. Collapse )

Incidentally, if you're not a regular reader of Orcinus (Neiwert's blog), you just missed a jaw-droppingly haunting post on the scams run in American prisons. Mind you ... as Orcinus says, it's not that the prison conditions themselves are objectionable; it's the way these guys are nakedly fleeced (assuming that even half of what the guy writes is true, and I'd find it hard to believe it's all lies).

To those who would say that the treatment described is justified because inmates are there to be punished ... all I can say is, beware the law of unintended consequences. We've accepted as a society that removal of freedom is a just punishment; making them into victims of opportunism is a different thing entirely, and leaves both emotional and financial scars on them that linger long after our focus has turned from punishment to rehabilitation. Do we really want to teach all of our prisoners -- people who will mostly be out on the streets again one day -- that American values specifically condone ripping off the most fragile and vulnerable just because we hold power over them?

... On a less somber note, I happened to notice my old friend Noah leave a comment to the Orcinus post. So this seems like a very timely ... um, time ... to mention Noah's recent post on a creepy yet plausible Star Wars theory. So what really happened to Luke, Leia and Han after the Death Star blew up at the end of A New Hope? Review his provided stills and judge for yourself.

If you need a little time to reassemble your brain after reading that last link, go download some games -- the link points to a list of 101 modern freeware greats. Go ahead. You'll thank me in the morning ... and hate me next week once you come up for air.