April 1st, 2007

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The things that seem awesome at 2 AM

The scene: Sunday morning, 4-1-2007. Early sunlight shines on an ungainly pile of blankets in a second-story bedroom.
The sounds: Traffic noises, and the moaning of someone trying to block them out with a pillow over the ears.
The cat: Steering well clear of the tipped bottle at the foot of the bed. A patch of dark-stained carpet reeks of wine cooler.
The conversation:
The illustrated man

4-1-07: My second tattoo! It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The illustrated man (detail)

The topographic map of my elbow. Note Bonespur Peak at left; Surgery Way atop the scar; and the llama farm.

Bax: Get off my arm.
Kady: I'm not on your arm.
Bax: Yes you are. It hurts.
Kady: So does my head, sweetie. So please shut up.
Bax: I'm telling you, you're ... oh, never mind.
Kady: (mutters) I knew I should have drank more water.
Bax: What time is it?
Kady: Your watch is on the bedside table.
Bax: *gropes for it*
Kady: What's that on your arm?
Bax: What's what on my arm?
Kady: Oh, shit.
Bax: What?
Kady: You didn't.
Bax: Oh, shit.
Kady: Where did you even find a tattoo parlor?
Bax: I don't know! Rob drove me home.
Kady: ...
Bax: I distinctly remember us laughing about this idea last night. I don't remember anything about actually doing it.
Kady: *giggles*
Bax: What?
Kady: You know, it is still pretty funny.
Bax: ... I sure hope so.
Kady: (still laughing) At least you'll get a good LJ post out of this.

And at least I'm never going to get lost if I go hiking on my elbow. ;-p

Edited to add: Yes, April Fool's. :)