April 2nd, 2007

odd baud skins (pic by Waywind)

distributed research request: pretty bird

One of these seems to have taken residence in the tree outside our house:

It's probably an escaped pet, and someone's probably looking for it. My understanding is that the best place to report those is city Animal Control, and I'll call them when they open up at 11 am. (kadyg says she heard the bird at 1 am last night, so it seems to have settled in.)

My question is -- what sort of bird specifically is this? (There are several more pictures at this link.) I haven't seen too many parrots/macaws/etc up close.

Edited to add: Consensus is a blue-and-yellow (aka gold-and-blue) macaw. Thank you! And animal control has been called -- the guy thanked me and got a laugh out of my "I don't think it's native" deadpan. He fired back "Not yet, anyway."