June 8th, 2007

emcee in the catbird seat

TTU ficbit: Sara and Alex

And to kick off the TTU writing meme, Sara and Alex's first meeting.

He was sitting on the patio in the cold, ears pointed low, arms crossed against the damp wind, staring vacantly at the city lights cupped in the hands of San Francisco's hills. At the sliding of the glass door, his whiskers straightened and his ears swiveled, though his muzzle didn't turn.

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The write stuff

Alright, time for a break from the unintentional morbidity ...

[a cat macro pic expressing my belief that I'm about to out-ambition myself]


To quote summer_jackel:

You give me a brief idea, scenario or just a word, and [optionally] specify which character(s). I will come back with a quick sketch ficbit. The characters you can use are listed below. ... I will take the first 10 or so, or until I get tired of it.

I don't insist on meme spreadage, but if you're an artist/writer and want to, pass it on. If you include it, let me know so I can tag you back. :)

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