June 11th, 2007

obscure mythologies (photograph)

Well, that was a waste

Dropped kadyg off at the train station much earlier than usual on Sunday -- she had to get back to the city for a job interview. Figured that if I couldn't spend the day with my wife, at least I'd get some productive work done.

As if.

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So ... um ... yeah. I'm afraid I'm going to need to call mulligan on the writing meme until I've recovered. First story is mostly done (put in a lot of effort on Saturday evening), but I won't post it until I'm actively working on the writing again.
hiking - drink break

Gatorade: A modern miracle of science

Gatorade Fact No. 1:

I don't know how they did it, I really don't. But it's always been my experience with Gatorade that it tastes really good when you need it, and sort of meh when you don't. So: Useful rule of thumb is, if you're thirsty, you drink Gatorade and it tastes meh, you need more plain water.

Gatorade Fact No. 2:

Gatorade is not properly balanced as an oral rehydration solution. It's quite efficient at dealing with sports fatigue (it is a liquid, and on top of that it has loads of quickly-processed sugars for your body to refuel), but drinking straight Gatorade is Not A Good Thing if someone is into the deep stages of acute dehydration.

If you're out, for example, hiking on a long distance trip, make it a practice to keep a packet of oral rehydration salts in your first-aid kit. If you're really concerned about the ~1 ounce of weight, and you'd rather budget energy drinks than emergency gear, then you can alternate Gatorade sips and water sips, 1 to 1, to dilute it for maximum absorption. But Gatorade is hard to restock and all too easy to drink before you need it. ORS are there to save lives, and do their job invaluably when they're needed.