June 12th, 2007

generic lament

Baxil Death Watch, Day 3

After very brief recovery last night, GI tract is again in freefall. Struggled out of bed just long enough to realize there was no way in hell I could make it in to work today. Collapsed back in bed to concede defeat and the next time I managed to even so much as look up, half an hour had gone by.

Not even Gatorade is getting a pass -- small sips of ice water are all that stay in. That means it's doctor time.

Broke down sobbing when I realized this -- feeling very alone, useless, powerless. Ironically, that cheered me up immensely: One of the symptoms of severe dehydration is inability to produce tears while crying. So, as long as I can cry, I'm not dead yet.

Will report back in after the professionals patch me up.