June 25th, 2007

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Lyrics: "Tech Support," Jeffrey Hitchin

If you've never heard the song "Tech Support" by Jeffrey Hitchin, you really ought to go download it and give it a listen. I've only ever been able to find a single recording of it -- a digitized recording of a 1993 live performance, hosted at the Virtual Filksing -- but it deserves much broader exposure.

I'm putting the lyrics here not only for my own reference, but for that of the internet at large. As far as I can determine, nobody's ever transcribed the song, and the sound quality on the mp3 is just grainy enough that some folks have a hard time distinguishing the words.

"Tech Support" - Jeffrey Hitchin

What did I do to deserve this
All I needed was the work
Now I pick up the phone and talk to stupid jerks

Thank you, sir, now could you stop swearing
My fragile ego's been stomped
All because you don't know your ass from a C:\ prompt

Collapse )

(As an aside, if anyone wants to help me puzzle out the three or four sections labeled "inaudible" or with question marks (?), I'd be grateful. In particular, figuring out what game he was interrupted from is going to drive me nuts. It's got to be something recognizable, probably a UNIX command-line or a solitaire-type game ... I just can't think of anything like that that sounds like "poing".)
Edited to add: Well, hey! The artist is on LJ as jhitchin and dropped by in comments to fix my inaudibles. :-)